Eclair Lips Rewards

It means the world to see you coming back to us, and we're thrilled to be able to show our appreciation with Eclair Lips Rewards! By joining our rewards program, you can quickly earn points towards free lip balm in our online shop!

Here's how easy it is!

1. Sign up by clicking here or on the crown icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. Start collecting points! Here's how to earn them:

  • Sign up for Eclair Lips Rewards: 25 points
  • Follow us on Facebook: 25 points
  • Follow us on Instagram: 25 points
  • Share on Facebook: 25 points
  • Celebrate Your Birthday: 50 points on your birthday
  • Place an Order: 10 points per dollar

Points Rewards

The more you collect, the larger the reward:

  • 1000 points: $6.50 coupon (that's 1 lip balm!)
  • 2000 points: $15 coupon
  • 3750 points: $30 coupon 

Checking Your Points Balance

Simply log in to your account on the top right of the screen and from there, click the crown icon to see how many points you have accumulated to far. Birthday points are awarded on your birthday, but if you've signed up less than a month before your birthday, points will be awarded the following year. 

Want to earn even more free product? Refer your friends!

When you sign up for Eclair Lips rewards, you'll receive a unique referral code to share with friends.

  • Your friend receives a 10% off coupon!
  • You receive a coupon for a FREE lip balm when they place an order!