The Eclipse Promo

The sun's not the only one playing peek-a-boo today!
We've hidden some Buy 3 Get 1 Free coupons all over the site. Each one will get you a specific flavor FREE when you buy any other 3 items.
When you click on a product where we hid a code, it will pop up on your screen and reveal which lip balm it's good for.
IMPORTANT: Take a screenshot of all the codes you find or write them down - don't forget this step! This way you can compare then all and choose your favorite.

Once you've found a code you'd like to use, make sure you have the corresponding lip balm in your cart or else the code won't work. 
Some codes can only be used a certain number of times, so make sure you don't take too long to get to the check out page!
It all ends tonight, Monday, April 8th at 11pm EST.