Are Our Reviews Fake?

I was surprised to see a comment recently from someone suggesting that our reviews are fake, but I think we've all heard of situations where reviews weren't 100% honest.So, I thought I'd share how we handle reviews!

To make sure our reviews are always 100% genuine, we only allow people who have bought our products to leave a review. That's why all of our reviews have a little badge that says verified review on them, because we can verify that that person has bought that product.

At the moment, we have over 2000 reviews. And while most of them are five stars, we do have some that are less than that and we think it's important for future customers to see them because they provide valuable information to help them make their decisions. Sometimes the flavor just wasn't one that somebody liked as much as the others in their order, sometimes the consistency of our formula just isn't one that they liked, and they'll say why. In some cases, it helps us know if there's something we can do better in the future, too! 

But from one star to five stars, every single review up there is from a real person who has actually tried the product they're writing about.

Curious about what our reviews say? You can read ALL of them here: What Our Customers are Saying