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Makes me happy

Love this flavour, Eclair Lips got this one right on target with the candy tart. A little bit tart and a little bit sweet just like the actual candies. Definitely a fan of this one. As always lip balm is up to the Eclair Lips brand standard. 10/10 would recommend.

Love it

Love the creamy peach flavour doesn’t smell artificial as many other peach flavours do. Great quality lip balm as always.

Great for kids!

My daughter uses this lip balm every day at school. Her lips used to stay very dry and chapped. Since we started buying from you all, she's not had any problems. Several of the kids' parents from her class have asked where she gets the fun balms from, and I'm always happy to share! Unless it goes out of stock! :P

Great for teachers!

My daughters teacher is about to take maternity leave & we made sure to put our favorite lip balm company in the order. We know dry lips during labor isn't ideal! She was very grateful!

Great lip balms!

I love these lip balms! They’re all so fun and so many flavors and such cute and fun names :)


The scent is spot on. The only problem now is that I don't have a slice of coconut cream pie to satisfy my cravings. At least I have soft lips and a smell to fill my dreams

Didn't know I needed this!

I bought the Lippy Clip on a whim... but it's the best thing! I always have my lip balm with me and easy to find! Perfect! And the balm fits snuggly so it's not going to get lost! Love it!

Awesome Lip Balms!

I've tried so many lip balms.. finally found the BEST! I'm so glad I purchased the Start Here Bundle because I need one in the living room, another beside the bed, one in my purse and another in my coat pocket (for when I walk my pups!) No more dry lips and the flavors are lovely! I appreciate knowing the ingredients and SO love the videos! I'm telling everyone I know to give them a try!

I want to bake

I've never had a lemon coconut square, but I love both lemons and coconut. The scent is amazing enough that now I want to bake my own!

Sugar snack without the hassle

The scent is perfectly like sucre a la crème, with a hint of maple. It reminds me perfectly of a sugar shack. It is more one-note then most of the scents, but it's a great note

A vacation in a tube

This formula is perfectly smooth and hydrating, it goes on like a dream. The scent makes it amazing, it reminds me of an ideal fruity drink, slightly warmed up in the tropical heat. It's like a vacation in a tube

A summer dream

The formula is perfect as always, and this flavor is perfectly sweet and ripe peaches, with a hint of pastry crust. It smells like a dream

Vanilla Mint Milkshake Lip Balm

I love your lip balms

Exceeded my expectations

I love everything about these lip balms. I’ve been watching the YouTube shorts for the longest and I finally made a purchase. The texture/feel is perfect and I love how the flavor is strong up front but mellows out shortly after application so you don’t end up licking the balm off your lips. The flavors are also very spot on and doesn’t taste fake or artificial. Definitely worth the price and I’ll be buying more in the near future, especially the exfoliating lip balms.

Banana chips

Smells and tastes like Banana chips that are right out of the oven, yumm.

Banana Cream Pie

Love this scent

Cherry Limeade

Not my favorite out of what I ordered, but still great.

It doesn’t really read as apple pie or cheesecake to me when I smell it, but it does smell very sweet and creamy. I enjoy it a lot!

It smells fantastic, I feel like I’m at the beach with a pina colada in my hands and the application is smooth.

Great items

Great customer service! Fast service!
My lips feel amazing. Thank you so much.

Love Mint Lip Balm

I have used almost every lip Balm on the market before and have never come across one that has worked as well as this. Mint lip balm was the first balm I tried from Eclair Lips and was instantly hooked. I will be a continued customer. The creaminess as it gently glides on and the moisture in my lips the next morning is priceless.

Excellent Products

I purchased a handful during the recent Build Your Own Bundle Event. Not every flavor was a hit for me personally, but most were, and regardless the product quality is incredible across the board. Smooth like silk between your lips, moisturizing, not excessively glossy, packaged beautifully. It’s hard for me to decide a favorite but this Vanilla Mint Milkshake is way up there. It’s Shamrock Shake season at McDonald’s in the US and this hits that scent note for me (at the cost of far fewer calories haha). Don’t eat your lip balm (though you’ll surely be tempted)!!

Mmmmmmm, butts…

I never knew a butt could be so tasty, especially the butt of a beaver. This lip balm goes on smooth and smells yummy. All I need now is a bacon-flavored lip balm to pair with this one and it would be like wearing the best parts of breakfast on my face.

Maple Latte Lip Balm
Sandra Ouellet
J’adore ce baume à lèvres, à chaque applications j’ai un désire de manger le produit 🥰😋

J’adore mon baume à lèvres, simplement délicieux