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my favorite!!

this is the best lip balm I've ever uses, super soft and buttery. I'm in love with the chocolate peppermint scent of this. something new and different that actually works, exactly what I was looking for! already almost finished with my tube 😹

Absolutely love

I am usually not a lip balm person but with the winter months I see myself using this more and more. I love it already and plan on placing another order

It was nice gifts to give.

I gave these to our guests at our Friendsgiving. Everyone was like aw I just was about to buy chapstick or this is just what I needed. The only downside is that I didn't keep anything for myself to try. I was caught up in just being a gift giver. 🎁 Everyone has enjoyed all 13 chapsticks that I ordered 😊 ~Stephanie

Second of many

Since it is winter time and Christmas season combined, plus mix in my birthday in there…I decided to buy a handful more of these balms as gifts and I am so glad I kept this one for myself!
Do yourself a favor and buy one! Or two!!

Best Ever

The exfoliating lip balm is seriously the best thing ever for a brieff me time. Love that it’s natural, goes and stays without feeling sticky or over drying.


The exfoliating lip balm is so unique & I love how it makes my lips so soft. The vanilla buttercream flavor is just perfect too!

My Favorite So Far

This has to be my favorite flavor so far. I love cherry limeade sodas from Sonic - I’ve been getting them since I was a child! This lip balm literally feels like that soda to me. It sounds so weird putting it in words, but it’s just pure awesomeness, & makes me feel like a child again! I love this lip balm so much!

Love It!

This was the first lip balm I got to try from Eclair Lips. I was absolutely blown away at how amazing it was. Not only is the lip balm amazing & makes my lips feel soft, the flavor was 10/10. When I got this lip balm, I thought it would only be minty, but when applying it, it truly feels like candy cane ice cream! It’s amazing, I 10/10 recommend this flavor & also this brand of lip balms!

Sweet Holiday Bundle (6 lip balms)
Jerrica Robison McGehee

I always get lip balms for my daughters for Christmas. They're perfect for stocking stuffers! I also wanted to try them myself. So far my favorite is the Candy Cane Latte! I've got three set aside for my girls' stockings (Candy Cane Ice Cream, Sugared Cranberry, and Gingerbread Cookie. LOVE THESE

Mini Scrub Sampler (3 lip balms)
Jerrica Robison McGehee
Pleasant Surprise

I've used exfoliants every few days for my lips. I always feel like my lips are overly dry. However, this exfoliant scrub is also very moisturizing! I have paired my scrub balm with a Candy Cane Latte balm. 10 out of 10 will recommend, and be ordering again!


I love it so much and cotton candy ice cream is my favorite flavor in your store! I am afraid to try another flavor and I sent my boyfriend a lip balm I think he’ll love! Keep up the amazing work guys!

I LOVE ECLAIR LIPS!!! ITS AMAZING highly recommend.

Love it

Thank you!

Love this lip balm!

There are so many things to love about this lip balm. The little scrubbies in this balm leave my lips SO soft and I’m no longer waking up with dead skin on my lips. Plus, it smells amazing and I can’t help but keep trying to smell my lips once I put it on.

Best lip balms!!

This bundle is just perfect, the lip balms smell great and my favorite and first one I tried is the Vanilla Buttercream!! Thank you can't wait to get more !!

So Smooth

I am in LOVE with these! I ordered them as stocking stuffers but opened one to try it and I think I am keeping them! Guess I need to order more. :D

Awesome lip balm!

I love this lip balm so much. It feels wonderful on my lips. I've only been using it a little over a week and my lips are getting softer and I feel instant relief from the pain of dry, cracked lips the moment I put it on.

Grape lip balm

Absolutely love this scent!!!

Truth + Love Sticker Collection
Sabrina Costopoulos
Positive reinforcement

I decided to place the stickers on my desk pencil holders. It's fun colors and the messages are uplifting.

I Am Amazing - Coconut Lip Balm
Sabrina Costopoulos
Unexpected gift

This product served as an unexpected gift to my cousin who found a donor for her kidney transplant the same day it was delivered. I think the positive message will remind her of her strength and beauty. I'm deciding to always have a few products at hand for unexpected gift giving

Fabulous balms!

So smooth, excellent smell and no weird flavor. Will buy many more in the future.

VIP Membership
Katharine v E.
VIP: Very Impressed Person!

Just received my first order and I couldn’t be happier!! It was great to have a discount code which saved me more money than the VIP membership cost. Yes, I ordered a lot on my first order…. There is a major problem though. When my lip balms arrived and I tried the first one, I then had no choice but to open and try them all to see if they were all as good as the first. They are. Best lip balms I have ever used!

Candy Cane Latte Lip Balm

Candy Cane Bark

Love this. Fresh and delightful