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I love these lip balms

This is my all time favorite lip balm and flavor. I love how smooth this goes on. Since carrot cake is seasonal, I stocked up and bought six plus a few others that I like. Thanks!

Cherry Limeade Lip Balm
Natasha Newham

Came packaged really well, I thought they would be melted since it was hot but they weren’t:) The consistency is not too soft but not to hard, I usually find that lip balms feel a bit grainy after a little wear but these feel soft the whole time they are on your lips. The scent is identical to cherry limeade im obsessed!!

Chai Vanilla Latte

Smells just like the drink, definitely gives off coffee shop vibes! Goes on soft, keeps my lips nice and soft, what more could you ask for?!

My fav

I love this flavor. It's fruity and also smells like marshmallows.

Absolutely love it

I was excited for this one and it smells and tastes great lol.

Smells great!

It's exactly how I imagined and I love anything cherry flavored!

Perfect starter bundle!

Amazing scents and flavours! Perfect starter bundle. I keep one in my room, car, purse, at work and toiletry bag! I’m never without! I love supporting Canadian companies and products.

Start Here Lip Balm Bundle (includes 6 lip balms)

Blueberry Muffin lip balm


Thank you for making such amazing products. The lip balm scents are amazing.

Love this one!

Carrot Cake Lip Balm
Tanya O’Donnell

Carrot cake is spot on! I had to buy a carrot cake to eat after using this bomb because it just made me crave one. Smelling the cake and this balm side by side proved how spot on it was!

Moon Mist Lip Balm Duo
Great duo!

Love this exfoliator and balm combo, total recommend

absolutely lovely!

Absolutely love this flavor and the texture feels so nice on my lips! Very hydrating and just an all around great product :)

Love it so much

Love it so much,it’s like have a coffee all the time

Smells sooo good

My sister got me into Eclair & now I’m addicted. Constantly placing orders for new flavors. Recently got my brother in law hooked & he just placed his first order!


My daughter loves this! It’s so cute and goes with her love of space.

Enthusiastic two thumbs up.

This is a surprising favourite of mine!

Cinnamon Bun Lip Balm
Theresa dudeck
So good

I love the smell and the product is always fantastic

The best

This has to be the best psl lip balm I've ever gotten.

Best flavour!

Anything chai is an instant win! Just like lemons and cheesecakes!


Smooth as butter. The smell just brings me to a happy place. I’m obsessed with Eclair lips! Just placed my next order

So good!

If you love strawberries, coconuts, and frappes this one is for you! I also love how well it applies onto my lips. So smooth and does not feel sticky, lumpy, or gross.

Fall is officially here!

I love all of the lipbalms in the bundle. Everything smells so good and fall like! My favorites are both of the apple lib balms, carrot cake, cinnamon bun, and caramel cupcake. The pastry chef in my very much approves.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream