How I Come Up With New Flavors

Every flavour I make starts with a bit of inspiration. I'll think of something that I think would make a great lip balm flavour and I'll see if I can recreate it.

The first step is knowing which ingredients and flavorings I'm going to need. And that took a lot of trial and error as I tried ingredients from different suppliers to find the ones that I really loved. Lip balm flavorings are a frustrating thing to purchase too because they're all online, they’re expensive, and you can't try them out beforehand. So I received a lot of orders that were a complete waste because they didn't smell any like I had imagined. But nowadays it's a lot easier because I have all of my go-to's and I'm really familiar with how each flavor works in our formula and how much I'm going to need.

So it starts off a bit like a science experiment.

I write myself a recipe for what I think will give me the flavor and I mix up enough to make one tube worth. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's gross, and sometimes it just needs a little bit of tweaking so I go through the process all over again!

If you're curious about all the flavors I've thought up, they can all be found in the Vault! Check them out here: The Vault