Why I Refuse to Make Unscented Lip Balms

Making natural lip balms and dessert flavors is what my brand is all about. So when people ask if we consider making an unflavored lip balm, I have to admit my inner child is downright horrified at the idea.

The logical side of me has tried to look at it from every which way and I'm sure we'd sell some, but I still can't bring myself to do it.

Please know that there's absolutely nothing wrong with unflavored lip balm. It's just that for me, having a lip balm and a fun flavor is just such a big part of why I enjoy the stuff so much and my 13 year old self will just not let me do it!

If you're like me and unscented lip balm just isn't your thing, you'll love our lip balms! Check out our Dessert Collection here: https://eclairlips.com/collections/dessert